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English IV

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Nanlina's Reward Points: 16

Points When What Where
1 Created Debate The customization is also another big big and if 2K made Madden 20 NFL
3 Created Debate Unlike preceding fishing tournaments in Animal Crossing
1 Created Debate I played with other games as a substitute for PSO and in waiting for PSO2
1 Created Debate When we talk to each other when playing Animal Crossing
1 Created Debate When we talk about the NBA games
1 Created Debate what is Phantasy Star Online 2 doing nowadays?
3 Created Debate They will need to stop being lazy and hire more graphic designers
1 Created Debate Us yelling about if it is too late or not is not going to make any difference
1 Created Debate What inspired you to recreate the old runescape?
1 Created Debate There's a YouTube documentary which pretty much covers the timeline
1 Created Debate There are those who troll by turning taking out pets that are large in crowded areas
1 Created Debate Electronics has been doing its part although the success of services like Xbox Game Pass h

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