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English IV

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Ozzygirl's Reward Points: 89

Points When What Where
4 High Rated Argument Who is better? Sonic or Mario?
1 Added Argument Are these pictures disturbing?
1 Added Argument Is 100 debates by one user in one week too much?
3 Created Debate Ever heard of Lonleykid?
1 Created Debate How is this site?
1 Added Argument AM I AWESOME?
5 Created Debate chilli dogs or hot dogs?
2 Created Debate Would you invite me to your birthday party? (send me an invite!)
5 Created Debate If you were homosexual, would you lie about it?
1 Added Argument AM I AWESOME?
3 Created Debate poop or pee?
5 Created Debate Rock paper scissors or tic tac toe?

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