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RSS KHernandez

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1 point

I think they should because there is no point to it. If we're seeking for peace, fighting is not the way to go.

1 point

Yes, the government should be able to secretly monitor suspicious individual with the purpose of protecting innocents and confirming any doudt about a certain person.

1 point

YES! a person's clothes does tell something about that person. We stereotype alot and many times it's actually right. For instance if you see a person wearing dirty clothes, it tell you that person doesn't care about her or himself, it also tells a little bit about how his or her way of life is. On the other hand if you see a clean, well dressed person, it tell you that person is concern about her or his look.

1 point

NO, government should not have control over church because this is a free country. We are free to choose our religion or rather to not have a religion. it would be a desaster if the government takes position over church because many people would be against it and would fight for their rights. There would be war and arguments everywhere.

1 point

no! people should have the right to express themselves. If someone feels more confident and "cool" having a facial piercing then they should be able to have it. There is no point of telling people what to ware and what not! IT'S THEIR LIFE!!

1 point

I say yes because we should all join together and save our world!!! It's not going to work out if one is constructing and the others destructing. There has to be an effort from everybody to live in a better world.

1 point

It's better to be loved than feared because love is pure and if someone really loves you, he or she will never hurt you. Love only wishes the best not the worse. On the other hand, when you fear someone, you only wish the worse for that person; you want her or him to desappear or go away because you want to feel free from that fear. I dont love what I fear, I just feel like avoiding it and be as far away as possible.

1 point

In my opinion the government should not give free college tuition because many people would not take advantage of that money they're just going to waste it. If everybody goes to college there is not going to be anybody to work at the cheapest jobs. Everyone would be a proffesional, every professional job would be taken, and all those who graduated couldn't be placed in a job. It would have a great negative impact in our economy. However, the government should provide more scholarchips for those who have the intelligence and the enthusiasm to go to college. =)

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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