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RSS Manuella

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Yes because staying over there is not changing anything just killing lives, so we need to withdraw from there and let Iraq fight with each other because it has nothing to do with us.

1 point

Yes, i believe the government should be able to secretly monitor suspicious ind ividuals because it mind help them stop terroist faster and prevent certain crimes from happening.

1 point

Yes because the first thing people notice about you is your appearance, so if you represent yourself in a certain manner they make judgements based upon that. For example; if you go in for a job interview and your attire is unexceptable but you're very intelligent, most likely you wont get the job.

1 point

No i don't think the government should have control over the church because, church is place where people go to acknowledge their faith. Everyone has thr right to worship who or what they wanted its all part of freedom of expresson. Expressing yourself freely, if the government has control of it he can tell people to change their faith and do whatever he wants them to do and that's not right. The church is open to anyone who wants to be apart of it and shouldn't be controlled by anyone.

1 point

think of it this way, if you have piercings all over your face it will cause a distraction and it does affect the school because instead of students learning in class they are staring at facial piercings, which causes grades to drop.

1 point

They might have nothing to do with school, but if you have some gross piercings on your face and you go to school you will draw attention to yourself and disrupt people in your classes who are willing to learn so it goes both ways.

1 point

I think facial piercings should be banned to certain standard because sometimes students get carried away and get piercings that are quite disturbing. If the piercing doesn't distract anyone or isn't positioned in a disturbing place than it shouldn't be an issue to have unless students abuse these privellage by getting piercings all over their face.

1 point

I think it's better to be well respected because what's the point of being rich and having people hate and disrespect you. It's good to be wealthy and all but respect goes a long way.

1 point

It's better to be loved because than you will be a caring and loving person. People will love to be around you and spend time with you. You have to be loved to be able to love people also, if you are neglected you wouldn't care about anyone or anything. If you are feared people won't like you, they'll run away from you because they fear you. Why would you wanna be feared? Being a bully might be cool at the moment but there will always be someone who is bigger than you and you will fear them, so might as well love so people can love u and defend you in return.

1 point

I think the government should provide free college tuition because some people have children and a young age and can't pay for school so the government should help. I understand that there are loans but nobody wants to get into debt and have to pay back alot of money. The government could give the free tuition to the citizens who show they are capable of going to college and actually completing. So he should give free tuition but there should be certain requirement for it because some people would go and drop out or not learn anything. This would help more people get educated and have jobs instead of living on the streets struggling.

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Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Education: High School
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