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1 point

They should but they're going to. The private powers of the government make money off the war and they don't want to stop it. Thats why Obama says he's going to withdraw them but then turn around and send over 30,000 more troops back over there, and he always lies and says "18 months" but it alwasy go past 18 months.

Plus the issue isn't fully resoved anyway.

1 point

Only people who have severe criminal records or a history of illegal activities or have given reason to make them seem suspicious. but those who arent involved in these criterias shouldn't be monitored.

2 points

The clothing people wear reflect their sence of style and what kind of culture the follow. unless you're one of those people who wear different style of clothes then people will think that you're very diverse and can hang out with many different types of groups. For example, I dress preppy, or like a rocker, or someone who dresses nice for no reason, or just something very simple.

2 points

NOOOOOO!! The Government would sensor everything the church would say or teach, and that would be a violation of our freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

2 points

I have absolutely nothing against facial piercings in school. It's a form of expressing oneself. But I think that maybe there should be limits to how many facial piercings you have, and not have an excessive amount.

0 points

Im against pollution as much as the next guy, but the environment is doing the same thing it's done for millions of years. These theories about we are the main reason for climate change is all propaganda. Therefore, the developing countries should focus on building their economy, rather than helping something that's a natural occurance.

1 point

No because with the government handing out free things there's always some kind of catch or strings attached. And these days you can't truely trust the government.

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