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RSS Danimarie

Reward Points:6
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1 point

yes, because the government is just wasting lives and a time on a pointless cause, the war is obviously not gonna be over any time soon. Let the other countries try and work it out by themselves

1 point

i dont think the government should over hear our phone conversations because its a violation of the constitution.

2 points

I think that piercings should not be banned from school because people should be able to express their opinions openly without the school's rules channeling the students to think in only one direction.

1 point

Developed countries should force developing countries to protect the environment because we all live in the world together, and all the other countries need to contribute to our environment as well, even if the developed countries need to help out.

1 point

I think it is better to be loved because you would be respected and people would listen to and consider your opinions rather than being feared, when most likely in the long run, the people will oppose and revolt againgst the one being feared

1 point

I dont think the government should provide free college tuition for all students because by providing free tuition will only greater deflate our economy which is already leading to another Great Depression. Although many citizens decide to not go to college because of the expenses, the government already provides enough grants and scholarships to help pay for their education, and if students are really serious about their education then they would strive go recieve the scholarships and grants.

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