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RSS Mirmuland

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1 point

NO, i dont think that the usa and its allies should withdraw their forces form iraq immediatley. I mean shoot, people have already died from that shi*. SO whats the point of changing the situation NOW!!! Obama tripping...he dont care about all those soilders that are dying almost everyday. So leave it as it is!!! I mean The world is coming to an end anyways, everybody gotta die someday.

1 point

i don't think so, because what if they're just plain weird. You can't help the fact that thet are special. So no the government shouldnt be able to secretly monitor suspicious individulas.

1 point

I totally agree that clothes does not reflect person's personality as people wearing branded clothes can look foolish if they do stupid things and person wearing simple clothes can look smart by the way be behaves, carries himself. As you can buy clothes, material thing with money that doesn't mean you have great personality.

1 point

No i dont think the government should have control of the church, because they would be telling people what to believe in. And when ever people pay tythe or offering, they would use that money for something stupid like buliding houses and stuff. I'm not saying building houses is stupid but when it comes to God's money, it should be used for something more useful like helping children in africa or thrid world countries. Something that would make peace in this world, and not break it. So making the government in charge of the church in my opinion is a bad idea.

1 point

Depending on the piercing and the school. Elementary school or middle school I'd say no to all except ears. However, high school there should be less limits. I don't think tongue piercings should be banned. They're not dangling anywhere and you can't even see them unless they're being flashed around. Belly button rings are basically the same. Things like nipple or genital piercings wouldn't be noticed anyway. If it was something that posed a hazard to the student's health or a safety risk, say exceptionally long earrings or a belly button ring that can get caught on the desk, I'd say no.

1 point


1 point

Truthfully, developing COUNTRIES are on their own. They are not a part of the country they just broke off of, so why would the country that used to control them want to help them? Or vice versa, why would the other country WANT them to help? They broke off for their reasons and they probably want nothing to do with their old country.

1 point

Being loved is preferable to being feared. Love has the power to nurture, support and ultimately, liberate. Love will make people join together; Fear restricts, denies and imprisons. Fear will create enimity, jealousy and vengeance in the minds of others. Personal growth and human achievement thrive on love, while fear hampers and destroys potential. Yet there are some in positions of authority who would disagree, believing that fear achieves more.

1 point

I do think that the government should be able to pay for students tuition for college. Taking for example the economy is really bad as of right now, and so if the student's parents are not working or getting some type of income, it is very hard for students to go to college. Also if the students are working their way through college it gets reall hard, because it is not guaranted that they will keep their jobs, thats my say.

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