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1 point

From the menu bar, pick Base Station > Include WPS Printer.

Select either "First endeavor" or "PIN" as the sort of WPS association with the permit. At that point, click Proceed.

On the off chance that you chose "The first endeavor," push the WPS button on the printer. At the point when the printer's Macintosh Address shows up in Air terminal Utility, click Done.

In the event that you chose "PIN," enter the Connect Canon printer to wifi,PC,Laptop,MAC PIN number, which ought to be recorded in the printer's documentation. At that point, click Proceed. At the point when the printer's Macintosh Address shows up in Air terminal Utility, click Done.

Stop Air terminal Utility.


On the off chance that the printer can interface with your Macintosh through USB

You might have the option to utilize a USB association with setting up Wi-Fi printing:

Interface the printer to your Macintosh utilizing the suitable USB link.

Introduce the Macintosh programming that accompanied the printer, and ensure that it incorporates a printer arrangement collaborator.

Utilize the printer arrangement associate to interface the Connect Canon printer to wifi,PC,Laptop,MAC to your Wi-Fi organize. Check the printer's documentation for subtleties.

Disengage the USB link from the printer and Macintosh. The printer ought to stay associated with the Wi-Fi organize.

1 point

Presently reset the ink cartridges by unplugging the printer's capacity and USB links.

Open the ink cartridge entryway while squeezing the Power button and reconnect the power links with the Power button is as yet squeezed.

Close the cartridge entryway, and afterward discharge the Power button.

Ordinance printers accompany programming that identifies the measure of ink left in the cartridge and stops the reset canon printer when the ink level is low. While the ink level screen is valuable, supplanting the cartridge in an Ordinance printer or utilizing a topped off printing cartridge can disturb printer activities. On the off chance that that occurs, your Group printer won't reset naturally; in any case, you can, in any case, reset the printer physically.

Supporting Evidence: reset canon printer (

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