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2K revealed the official soundtrack for NBA 2K20

NBA 2K19 MT Today as it promised it would 2K revealed the official soundtrack for NBA 2K20 which as always features a lot of great hip-hop. Further it announced that -- for the first time ever -- it will be adding more tracks throughout the game's lifespan. It's unclear how many tracks it will add and whether they will replace current tracks but we do have the tracklist that the game will come packing at launch and it's 46 songs deep.

To coincide with the announcement 2K and UnitedMasters have teamed-up to get some unheard talent in the game too. Starting on Aug. 1 2K will be taking submissions from unsigned artists who wish to feature and those who win will make it into the finished product.

The NBA 2K20 soundtrack will also feature Diplo Offset Buy NBA 2K19 MT Coins Nav and Lil Wayne. Listen to the playlist on Spotify here.

Anyway you can check out the entire tracklist below:
Skrawberries - JID BJ The Chicago Kid
Hear Me Calling - Juice WRLD
Proud of U - Earth Gang Young Thug
Mansa Musa - Cardi B
Legacy - Offset Travis Scott 21 Savage
I Can't Get Enough - Benny Blanco Selena Gomez J Balvin
200 MpH - Bad Bunny Diplo Nitti Gritti
Run it Down - Jay Prince
Big Shot - Gunna
Dribble2Much - Dribble2Much Problem
MC's Act Like They Don't Know - KRS One
Swishhh - Dribble2Much
Down - Run the Jewels
Butterfly - Cousin Stizz
Sandra's Rose - Drake
Play With Ya - Deezy
Audio - Sia
Win - Q Da Fool Kenny Beats
My Boi - TroyBoi Remix - Billie Eilish TroyBoi
11 Minutes - Yungblud Halsey Travis Barker
We Did It - 1K Phew WHATUPRG
Wow. Remix - Post Malone Tyga Roddy Ricch
Beautiful Smile - Saba IDK
I Don't Need No Help - NLE Choppa
I'm Dope - Tobe Nwigwe David Michael Wyatt
Grinding All My Life - Nipsey Hussle
Maintain - Belly NAV
Uptown Vibes - Meek Mill Fabulous Anuel AA
Goat Talk - T-Pain Lil Wayne
365 Remix - Zedd Katy Perry Kuuro
Superfly - Blessed
Control - Aaron Taos
Ran Off - Deniro Farrar
Monopoly - Ariana Grande Victoria Monet
Live Wire - Motely Crue
Giant - Calvin Harris Rag'n'Bone Man
How Did I Get Here - Offset J.Cole
Digital - IDK
Superhuman - Campfire Shane Eli
16 Hours - Higher Brothers
Something To Believe In - Jane Holiday
We Came to Win - Kairo Sha'Ki
Rodman - Pardison Fontaine
So Sorry - Ray Moon
Back Up - The Siege

Stream the full soundtrack via Spotify above and look out for NBA 2K20 when it drops Sept. 6.

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nba 2k19

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nba 2k19

Side Score: 1
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