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Are you excited for Nike M2K Tekno Animal Print ?

Based on the factory store evergreen Nike Monarch, the Nike M2K Tekno is highly regarded by fashion trends for its comfortable feet and retro shape. Today, a new pair of Nike M2K Tekno Animal Print is exposed. The upper is wrapped in tiger stripes, leopard prints, and giraffe stripes, which highlights the wildness and is extremely visually impactful. The fluorescent green of the stars neutralized some wild atmosphere. It is worth mentioning that the individual parts of the vamp are made of transparent materials, which combines modern fashion!

This year, Jordans 2019 Shoes created a new shoe for the Air Max Day Air Max 720. The Air Max air cushion once again broke the record and became the thickest air cushion shoe in history. The first two color schemes will be officially released on February 1st. The thickness of the air cushion at the heel of the Air Max 270 last year was already exaggerated. This year, it was upgraded from 32mm to an exaggerated 38mm, and the air cushion covered the whole palm. The foot feels impressive and the shape is very technical. . At present, the two pairs of first-color color schemes have been released on Nike's domestic official website. One pair is a pair of men's models for women, with different colors but the same name.

Yamamoto's cooperation with Adidas Sneakers is quite close. During the Paris men's wear week, the Y-3 brand also officially released a number of amazing shoes. Recently, adidas Y-3 and adidas jointly created a brand new RUNNER 4D shoe with a red woven upper for better stability in the lower center of gravity of the shoe. The tongue is woven with the adidas three-line pattern. It is worth mentioning that these shoes are designed with a sock sleeve to ensure the fashion while taking into account the sense of foot. As the Chinese New Year approaches, the choice of these big red running shoes can also be very eye-catching.


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