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Canon Printer Offline- Solve This Issue

Just like the previous drawback, the Canon printer not printing text or Canon printer not printing color issue additionally has many potential reasons behind it.

Incorrect paper size: Every Canon printer contains a limit to the scale of the paper that they will handle. they're going to print only the applied paper size is among its compatible size. If not, the Canon printer offline keeps displaying. it's going to additionally cause paper jams within the printer, that is one more reason behind the matter.

Fluctuating power: The printer desires a stable supply of power to operate properly. If the facility is swinging within the plug purpose, that is giving for free the facility to the printer, then Canon printer not printing something.

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At first, I used a different company’s brother printer is offline printer but I didn’t feel it is so convenient so I shifted to Cannon. In my experience, this is the best printer so far I didn’t face any kind of issues or problems while using this.