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Caulis Spatholobi Extract

The effect of Caulis spatholobi extract on the cardiovascular system. The effect of Caulis spatholobi extract on the immune system. The extract of Spatholobus spatholobi also has antioxidant, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects. The extract of Caulis spatholobi has the functions of nourishing blood, relaxing muscles and collaterals. Spatholobus spatholobi extract can be used for menstrual disorders, blood deficiency and chlorosis, numbness and paralysis, rheumatic arthralgia, etc.
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Spatholobi caulis
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Current Status of Development of Drugs for Psychiatric Disorders

Huge market demand

With the increase of people's social pressure, the number of patients is increasing year by year, and the search for efficient and safe antipsychotic drugs has become more than a dozen urgent.

Strong dependence of patients on drugs

Psychiatric disorders are often difficult to cure, and patients are highly dependent on medications, often requiring long-term or even lifelong medication to relieve symptoms.

Large space for drug development

Few drugs with significant breakthrough therapeutic effects have been reported, and existing therapeutic drugs have limited their use and efficacy due to safety and drug resistance issues. Therefore, there is great space for the development of drugs for psychiatric disorders.

Supporting Evidence: Evaluation of Antipsychotic Drugs (