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An Vaal treasure temple called is focused entirely on by PoE currency incursion. "The fundamental core of Incursion is that activities you make in the past can affect the current day," Chris Wilson, lead designer at developer Grinding Gear Games tells me.

Nobody knows where to locate it, but a new character called Alva Valai includes on how best to uncover its place a hypothesis. As players enter every place during a effort that is standard, they'll encounter Alva. If you talk to her, she'll offer to utilize as it existed in the past, these stones to send you to the temple. In doing so, you show the temple's location as it exists in the current.

These incursions send you into a random room within Atzoatl previously where you'll only have a limited period of time to kill all the monsters found there. Each kill grants you time, but you are still going to have to move as fast as possible. Because this section is, there's no need to be worried about picking up items or managing your stock. A bar on the bottom of the screen tracks your progress toward killing each creature in the buy poe chaos orbs area and, once the timer runs out and you are sent back to the present, all the items which you would have accumulated spill out in a single glorious fountain of loot.

Wilson informs me this is the first layer of Incursion: here is a room full of creatures to kill and a fountain of loot to enjoy for doing this. It's something that barely breaks the flow of the normal campaign.

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