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Gamasutra talked to NBA Live Coins

starting next week. The dungeon crawler will be released on March 9 for 1200 MS Points ($15).Gamasutra talked to  NBA Live Coins Schaefer about the conversion last week, who said of the release: "We can't wait to see what people think -- but at the same time, we're a little nervous. But it feels right when we play it".


[Sister site FingerGaming rounds up the week's most popular paid and free iPad gaming applications on the Buy MU Legend Online Zen App Store as of today, with World of Goo, Bakery Story and Angry Birds Seasons currently ranking among the platform's top downloads.]This week's top paid titles are:1. World of Goo ($4.99)2. Angry Birds HD ($4.99)3. Angry Birds Seasons HD ($1.99)4. Cut the Rope HD ($1.99)5. Shadow Guardian HD ($0.99)6. Reckless Racing HD ($1.99)7. Star Battalion


($0.99)8. Words With Friends HD ($0.99)9. Fruit Ninja HD ($0.99)10. Scrabble for iPad ($9.99)A recently concluded 99-cent sale puts 2D Boy's acclaimed physics puzzler World of Goo at the top of today's iPad sales chart. The game remains a strong seller even after returning to its normal price of $4.99, outselling previous chart leaders Angry Birds HD and Cut the Rope HD.A Valentine's Day update brings a sales boost for Angry Birds Seasons HD, meanwhile, as a round of


drops puts EA's Reckless Racing HD and Gameloft's Shadow Guardian HD, and Newtoy's Words With Friends HD back in MMOGO chart range.Here are this week's top free iPad applications:1. Bakery Story: Valentine's Day2. Angry Birds HD Free3. TinkerBox4. Pac-Man Battle Royale5. Flick Kick Field Goal Kickoff6. Coin Dozer for iPad7. Dancing Craze HD Lite8. Kick Buttowski: Loco Launcho9. Flower Garden10. Angry Birds Seasons HDTeamLava's Bakery Story: Valentine's Day


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Buy MU Legend Online Zen

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