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Hopefully players will get their shot at him in Diablo 4

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Throughout the series, mages have a tendency to go mad with power Diablo IV Gold. Villain Zultan Kulle is a good example, as is the Sorcerer class from the first Diablo, who appears in 2 as an enemy. What would the Wizard be like years after the events of Diablo 3, having attained the unimaginable power she was seeking?

3 Imperius 
Current leader of the Angiris Council, and considered one of the greatest warriors in the Diablo universe. His role in Diablo 3 tends to be hostile, and he was about to attack the player before being interrupted by Diablo. He requests the players' aid later, but offers no gratitude.

Altogether, Imperius is an unpleasant angel, so it's unfortunate he never appeared as a boss encounter; a battle against "the greatest warrior in all of creation" would make a good fight. Hopefully players will get their shot at him in Diablo 4.

2 Zultan Kulle 
The dark Horadrim, a more sinister version of Deckard Cain. He appears in Act 2 of Diablo 3 as an evil wizard requiring resurrection to allow the player access to his archive, and the Black Soulstone.

Despite being an extremely straightforward one-off antagonist, he is fondly regarded by the playerbase for his unapologetic villainy and entertaining banter, which may be why Blizzard brought him back as part of their expansion content. He currently exists as an artificial simulacrum of himself, making it simple enough for him to exist years in the future, when Diablo 4 takes place cheap Diablo 4 Gold.


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