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I'm not openly insulting anybody

I'm not openly insulting anybody, if anything I am being a woman about this substance. However, I feel that in the past 3-4 years folks have gotten much more serious about runescape, for a few to an extreme. I don't hold anything against anyone because I have played hell I have met some pretty chill 09ers. Nonetheless, it's strange to me for OSRS gold bossing at my level having the ability to purchase multiple levels that cost over 100 million is slowly becoming a necessity. I can remember when maging DKs with firebolt was considered normal, now that is simply ridiculous. Most people my level have been enjoying for 1/4 as long as I have, and they're. . really. . To runescape. I despise being the arbitrary freeplayer people would see saying things like"wow 99 mage you have no life." But, I feel as if things are getting way too serious.

Hopefully folks will see where I'm coming out of here. I had been thinking recently about minigames currently found in the wilderness which will be relocated into a"Gamer's Grotto" north of Falador. But so far as I can tell, the overall idea is terrible. As opposed to ensuring minigames are relocated to appropriate places given their backstory, they will simply be bundled into some dumb site? Almost all these appear to be intensely"wild-centred", that is to say that they don't make sense only thrown someplace else. Even the Mage Arena is scary because it is at the far north and you run the chance of getting attacked on your way (and equally you can't fight in as excellent gear in the event you get attacked), all fired takes place through the jungle and to eliminate it would be nonsensical as it is an attempt to prove that a jungle safeguard can operate, stealing production is a camp devoted to the worship and reincarnation of this revenant spectres that haunt the godwars battlefields, as well as the fist of guthix is an early battle site guarded from the druids of guthix where lots of warriors come to fight daily and gain a number of it has power.

I understand that activities 3 or 2 on the listing will stay, and understand that Clan Wars doesn't need to have to be wilderness focused-the ability to resist each other for purposes of coaching could easily be relocated to cheap RuneScape gold, say, Al Kharid's famous duel stadium. Have the mages establish a couple of interdimensional rifts employing the same magic used to create POHs (yes there is a backstory:D ) and that will be fine and dandy.


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