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Individuals getting tired of PoE currency

At a very reduced rate, free loot remains free loot, which will continue to devalue everything. The devaluing and excess of everything is among the greatest contributors to individuals getting tired of PoE currency this league and leaving. Imagine if Delves actually hurts longevity rather than helping it?

The last question that needs answering is: what's Path of Exile's end game? We have an infinite dungeon. We've got uber end game bosses. Is this the last end game? Do they push farther than an infinite


Improving on Delve in terms of end game might prove to be insurmountable. In a similar way that Breach was so good it had to be nerfed, Delve might have to be nerfed in order to create any other finish game

content feel good.

Alternativelythey might have the availability of delving very low, but that would bring us right back to  buy poe exalted orbs just how awful it feels to alternative, and the way after a certain point you essentially only wish to

be running delves.

There are a whole lot of things to discuss before Delve becomes standard. It includes excellent articles, but it really edges a lot of other content, and pigeonholes where the sport has to be moving ahead.

Either Grinding Gear Games must take that Path of Exile Delve league is the final game, or perform a complete rework of this machine!

PoE currency

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PoE trade currency

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