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It then outlines what this means

The Kyler Murray 'study clause' is a distraction to the Cardinals' making

The week before, Kyler Murray was named one of the Madden 23 coins highest paid quarterbacks when he signed a five year, $230 million contract worth $230 million. It was a gesture of confidence and a statement of faith, a guarantee to the Cardinals believed that the quarterback was going to lead their team into their future. In the days since it's goneto be replaced with a troubling and frankly insulting note to the deal.

"Independent Study Addendum "Independent study addendum" has been obtained through Ian Rapoport of the Madden NFL 23 Network, and it claims that the quarterback needs to do his homework during the season, or the team can put the contract into default and Murray has to fix or else the contract would be declared non-viable.

"Player must complete at least four (4) hours of independent Research (as specified below) every week (excluding any bye week) during each Playing Season (as specified below) for the duration in the Contact."

It then outlines what this means, adding that Murray isn't able to multitask during the time he is required to study. No videos, no TV Web browsing is not allowed for the duration of four hours. If it sounds strange, that's because it's. This kind of study clause was never seen in a Madden NFL 23 agreement before. On the surface it might not appear to be a huge deal and we're already seeing how the impact of this decision plays out.

The primary issue with the addition isn't requiring independent research It's the way it says in the contract. The particularity of the clause could lead anyone to the one conclusion: "Kyler Murray doesn't study therefore we're forcing him to." It's in contradiction to what the Cardinals had to do with this contract, which was inspire faith, put their faith in Murray and continue to move forward.

Murray's relationship with fans was in need of fixing. There was a rift, caused by rumors of potential trades and his desire to leave Arizona. Additionally, there was the anger at how he refused for a return to the field even in the middle of losing the playoffs in the face of the Rams. When it was imperative to have even keeled trust building on all sides, the Cardinals included this clause and ended up destroying it all. Perception is now reset, and the belief that Murray isn't hard-working enough or is required to be forcibly to "love" football (a old pre-draft rule due to his passion for baseball) continues to rule the day.

The Arizona Cardinals made Kyler Murray one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the buying madden coins on Thursday signing a new five-year 230-million deal with the guarantee of $160 million. What do you think?
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