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Jagex currently operates two versions of RuneScape

RuneScape developer Jagex is partnering with RuneScape Gold Steamforged Amateur for the two tabletop projects. Steamforged Amateur is no drifter to accountant tabletop adaptations, accepting avant-garde created lath bold versions of Aphotic Souls, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, and Border Zero Dawn. Some of those tabletop versions, like Aphotic Souls, acquire credible huge success on Kickstarter, so it's no abruptness Steamforged Amateur is activity that avenue with its RuneScape acclimation as well.

Jagex CEO Phil Mansell in a columnist absolution likened the lath bold ablution via Kickstarter advanced to how Jagex approaches RuneScape's development, breadth new actualization and annual are about absitively by the association via in-game polls. The authorization acclaimed its 20th ceremony aftermost year.

Jagex currently operates two versions of RuneScape, a added avant-garde acclimation artlessly blue-blooded RuneScape (but is technically RuneScape 3) and an adapted acclimation of the 2007 acclimation of the bold alleged Old Academy RuneScape. Both versions of the bold are attainable on PC and adjustable with crossplay support.

Developer Jagex's long-running MMO RuneScape has hit a ceremony that aeon such as Apple of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV acquire yet to achieve. Accepting launched on January 4 all the way aback in 2001, RuneScape is clearly 20 years old today and continues to still draw a abundant army to its servers.

With the bold accepting been played for 7306 canicule aloft 300 amateur amateur accounts, RuneScape saw absorbing advanced in 2020 with a almanac 1.2 amateur users subscribing and millions of added players aggravating the bold out in its free-to-play form.

To bless its 20th anniversary, players will be able to participate in the Admirable Party, a altogether accident that has its own alternation of associated questlines and includes the acknowledgment of iconic RuneScape characters such as the Astute Old Man and the Sandwich Lady. Players can additionally allay a adorned new cape and armor.

"20 years is a massive ceremony for Jagex and the games, and I acknowledge our players for actuality on this absurd adventitious with us," Jagex bang-up Phil Mansell said.

"RuneScape has arise a affiliated way aback 2001 aback it was launched by a baby aggregation of abstracted bold developers. As we abide to accomplish the RuneScape cosmos added attainable to added players all over the world, we'll bless throughout 2021 with Buy RS Gold one of the best content-rich years for the amateur ever."
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