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Fortnite player finds control insect that is causing weapons to shoot on their  good price  own There's a bug in Fortnite Battle Royale which is hampering the gambling experience for those who play with a controller.The bug in question is one that induces players' weapons to fire by themselves without the player pressing the fire button at any point.This issue seems to flare up if a player immediately switches out of the building interface to some weapon or pickaxe in their inventory.


Reddit user'nNived' caused this issue to light at a video he submitted on December 26, which reveals his game consistently glitching out each time he moves out of his builds to a weapon or pickaxe.In his video, he exhibits a controller simulator directly on the screen that reveals exactly which buttons he's pressing at any given point in time, which clearly shows his weapons being fired without him touching the shooting button.


As revealed in the movie, the insect compels all weapons in the stock into auto-fire when switched to, which he demonstrates by switching from his shotgun into his pickaxe to his SMG, all which start shooting until he finally causes it to stop.It appears that the only way to prevent this glitch is to press the shoot button once the automobile firing starts. While this might work to prevent automatic weapons like SMGs from continuing to fire, it will do nothing to stop single fire weapons like shotguns or launchers from shooting off their single shot.


This then clearly presents an issue on multiple degrees for control players, as it makes them waste unnecessary  Cheapest MapleStory Mobile Mesos ammo, give their position away, and potentially inflict damage to their health and builds if changing to a launcher type weapon. The Fortnite Community Trello page now lists an issue very similar to the one, titled"auto shooting when using a gamepad." However, the description indicates that a participant must switch to trap first then a weapon to cause the auto shooting, which is surely not the case in the movie above.

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