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Monster hunting was more or less the same

Monster hunting was more or less the same (I'm gonna presume that RS gold we're using Momentum or legacy only for sake of simplicity, although it's less effective ), you kill large baddies and you also get rewards. Just in the last few years did JaGex want individuals to need to use mechanisms rather than brute force to get the job done.I'm not gonna say the game was better back then. Everything was a lot more dull. However, on the other hand, the game was a lot more laid-back. It was easier to simply go to random locations and speak to people, because they weren't concentrated on getting stronger or richer, they were simply playing to have fun.

I've a little question for everybody: Just how many new reports are new characters? I reckon a huge majority of the current RS players grew up playing it, which might explain why folks attempt to optimize their sport as opposed to have fun while grinding.I started playing the game in late 2004, when there was still the wildy and free trade.

This makes it difficult for a person who place 300 hours in to market their account for a cost that they consider"fair". Because accounts are made for so economical in some poor countries, it lowers the value of balances drastically for everyone else. You can sell your accounts on some reputable sites but the payout is generally not worthwhile in relation to the time you've invested. You never quit runescape, you merely take breaks!

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