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Physics Homework Help?

I've endeavored to make sense of this and I can't. It's presently significantly progressively simply needing to realize how to do it than it is getting my homework right! I am likewise new to reddit and I don't realize what subreddit to incorporate this under, so on the off chance that I have to move it please guide me to the place! 

Here's the inquiry: 

At the moment it leaves the player's hand after a bounce shot with Do My Physics Homework, a 0.62-kg ball is voyaging 8.2 m/s. When it goes through the band its speed is 6.9 m/s. 

a. What amount of work has gravity done on the ball? I found this solution, it is - 6.1 J 

b. What is the vertical segment of the ball's dislodging? I've attempted a few things yet I don't realize how to get it since I don't generally comprehend what the course of the movement is on the off chance that I draw it. 

c. On the off chance that the greatness of the complete relocation of the ball is 4.3 m, what is the point between the dislodging vector and the gravitational power? 

I'm likely endeavoring to make these harder than they should be. Any assistance is valued!
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