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This game means so much to the community

This game means so much to the community, and MT 2K23 there are so many people that are in our society, therefore it's about making sure our player base is really happy. Which also of course includes the NBA players that are part of our team or the famous, the athletes," Singh said. "So today I'm sending lots of codes to individuals. I've handed over this game for Travis, PG, and some of the people that I'm close with.

The momentum in the cultural scene that this game has, launches day after launch, just keeps getting larger. And to be honest , it's quite overwhelming but also extremely exciting. "As the spokesperson for NBA2K, Singh has an incredibly impactful role in the ongoing growth of the game. From facilitating the involvement of famous athletes and celebrities as well as personally engaging with the community at large, Singh understands the massive obligation he is held to.

"I think I'm kinda like the funnel with regards to people who are a mass-aware. I've maintained relationships with every player in our game, but also our community, our player base really relies on myself to ensure that they are abreast in the news," Singh said. "Our game has evolved beyond simple to drop it and forget about it. Every six weeks, there are updates major ones with new music, brand new features in the game, updated MyTeam cards, new clothing items, and so on, all every six weeks.

It's so much. Therefore, as the face of everything, I'm tasked with a massive responsibility to reach every single one of our consumers as most effectively we can. ""I believe it's an act of honour for these guys. The topic is something they'll definitely talk about in the locker room," Singh said. "Even although Klay said that he hadn't played NBA2K ever since the Dreamcast, the fact that he is worried about his rating too much, I can tell it's not so. I have seen his gamer tag He plays it frequently.

But I also think him in specific, he was truly upset over getting a three-point grade of 88. But , you know what's the funniest thing is? This was still tied for the second-highest score. I believe that's a part of the problem of having a teammate that's miles ahead of everyone else How do you manage this? Steph in the last year has made more than 10% more three-pointers than the rest of us in the league. At some point, shouldn't the rating be one tenth higher than everybody else in the league? How do we deal with 2K23 MT that? I believe he's kind of broken that scale."
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