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expression related to NBA Live Mobile Coins

'nudity,' while California?s statute concerns extremely violent video games. But for purposes of vagueness, why should that matter? Justice Alito argues that the Miller standard sufficed because there are 'certain generally accepted norms concerning expression related to NBA Live Mobile Coins sex,' whereas there are no similarly 'accepted standards regarding the suitability of violent entertainment.'""...But there is no evidence that is so. The Court relied on 'community standards' in Miller precisely because of the


of articulating 'accepted norms' about depictions of sex. I can find no difference -- historical or Fut 18 Coins  otherwise -- that is relevant to the vagueness question. Indeed, the majority?s examples of literary descriptions of violence, on which Justice Alito relies, do not show anything relevant at all."Breyer: The Act A "Modest Restriction""California?s law imposes no more than a modest restriction on expression. The statute prevents no one from playing a video game, it prevents


adult from buying a video game, and it prevents no child or adolescent from obtaining a game provided a parent is willing to help. ... All it prevents is a child or adolescent from buying, without a parent's assistance, a gruesomely violent video game of a kind that the industry itself tells us it wants to keep out of the hands of those under the age of 17."Breyer: Statute Would Not Have Adverse Affect On Other Media"...Nor is the statute, if upheld, likely to create a precedent that would


affect other media, say films, or videos, or books. A typical video game involves a significant amount of  MMOGO physical activity. ... And pushing buttons that achieve an interactive, virtual form of target practice, while containing an expressive component, is not just like watching a typical movie."Breyer: Scientific Evidence"There are many scientific studies that support California?s views. Social scientists, for example, have found causal evidence that playing these games results in harm.


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