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RSS Nicoleb

Reward Points:7
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1 point

yes, the usa should withdraw their forces from iraq immediately because theirs no reason we should be in war when our economy is like this. and plus we dont even know why were up there. we have other things that need to be delt with than fighting.

1 point

yeah because if someone is actng suspicious then they need to on watch for them because they might be planning something very dangerous and can kil or injur many people,

1 point

Why? because thats judging. someone can be the meanest person in the world but wear the nicest clothes. Someone that wears all black and stay to them selves could be the funniest or funnest person to be around. you never know.

1 point


who wants to be told what religion you vcan be in, and how your religion needs to be ran. nobody they are houses of god not government!!!!!!!!

1 point

i agree with ya sistahh! :) Lol. But wilson makes a point in a way but they should make exceptions for some people.

2 points

alot of people that want to attend college just dont have the money to pay their tuition. like me...I get paid minimum wage and i have other things to pay also.

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About Me

"5'5 with green eyes that constantly changne different shades of green i have a boy friend that i've been with over a year now. i love football and i act myself regardless who im around"

Biographical Information
Name: Nicole Baumflek
Gender: Lady
Age: 29
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other
Education: High School

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