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RSS AlphaQup

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1 point

No because if we did that iraq would probably be 10 times worse if we werent there.

1 point

yes i do think the government be able to secretly monitor suspicious individuals because to ensure the safety of our country.

1 point

i think the way a person dresses does tell you something about them. like how they act, what they do, like what their profession is.

1 point


1 point

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1 point

no i do not think that facial piercings should be banned from school because facial piercings are a way of expressing ones self.

1 point

Truthfully, developing COUNTRIES are on their own. They are not a part of the country they just broke off of, so why would the country that used to control them want to help them? Or vice versa, why would the other country WANT them to help? They broke off for their reasons and they probably want nothing to do with their old country.

1 point

chill out ottmar. you preachin an shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii oh and erick wants you to suck it for some odd reason

1 point

hell nah coy dat shiz aint cool. just aint. the world needs people that will do stuff to get money for college like work to work to pay for college or go to the armed forces to get money for college.

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