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RSS Elicastro

Reward Points:8
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1 point

Not immedietaly because they need to finish repairing what they started. They should do it soon because there is no reason to stay over there whil the families over here are loosing loved ones.

1 point

yes because if they are being suspicious than they should see if they are up to something not good. but they shouldn't monitor people secretly if they don't have any good reasons.

1 point

Yes it can tell you something but not everything. A lot of people express their way by their clothes. Also the way someone dresses for a job interview can tell you if that person is really interested in the job.

1 point

No, because this is a free country and religion has nothing to do with the government. It is something that is persons free will and the goverment controlling it would be like controlling what people beleive in.

1 point

No, because they are not a distraction. They are made a distraction when teachers or "administrators" interrupt what they are doing to get the student to take their peircing off. They are not a big deal and if someone choses to wear it why do they have to take it off to come to school.

1 point

yes because it is everyones responsibility in earth to protect their own enviroment.because not only one country or person is in charge of their own enviroment.

1 point

Loved because everyone needs to feel loved at one point in life even if we say we don't need it its not true.

1 point

I think that the government should pay free college tuituon for all citizens that are capable of actually finishing college and want to attend college. Because that is showing that they want to improve their lives and the government should help the future of our country.

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