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RSS Faifoster

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1 point

yes. there comes a time when enough is enough. and america has been there for way to long. yes they may have done a lot of things to help them. but i think america needs to stop trying to be "superman" we cant make everything perfect and they the people who are in charge dont seem to see that.

1 point

i think she should be able to. ONLY if they have a criminal record prior to them thinking they are a suspect. if they have done something bad before then they are at a higher chance to do something bad again. so they should me monitored and watched to look out for the safety of others.

1 point

yes. fashion revolved around everything. its a way of life. it always can explain what your thinking, if youre trying to impress anyone, if you care about what you look like, everything. fashion is a world of its own that is tied into a multi billion dollar industry so even if you think youre just throwing on an old shirt you dont care about. it was actually made out of someones idea and creativity to be worn.

1 point

i believe the government should control many things, but religion is not one of them. in the constitution it says we have freedom of religion. they would be taking that away from us if they tried to control who we believed in and why we believed in it.

1 point

yes, because if you have the resources and time you are fully capable to help. you shouldnt be selfish with your time and resources. the environment is really "in" and everyone wants to go green so i think helping less fortunate counties out ties in with hrlping the environment.

1 point

i deffintaly think you cant be happy without the other. but if it came down to it i would rather have money...sometimes people just wont respect you no matter what you do or how hard you try.

1 point

its better to be loved. i think that apart of love is admeration. people look up to you and aspire to be like you in someway. i think everyone desires to be admired whether they admit it or not. if someone is feared people are scared that they will react in a negative way or leash something bad if someone does something wrong to them. and no one likes a crazy! :)

1 point

if the government does this people will take advantage of it. like poeple in highschool. some have no desire to be hear to learn they are just forced by the law. so then people might be forced into college by there parents whenever they wont take it seriously. i think college is something that is a privillege. that not everyone can have the opportunity to do.

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