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RSS Joeehambe

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1 point

yet there is another person who does not understand the reason why are soldiers are in Iraq. people saying "they will attack us" is possible but by staying there it is only increasing those odds since they dont want anything to do with us because at this moment we are just putting grease on the fire or whatever the saying goes... and the sooner we leave them in peace the better

1 point

I believe our soldiers should leave Iraq because they could be placed in different countries that are asking for help rather than goin to a contry that has been refusing aid for years.

1 point

i disagree with your statement because you obviously do not realize the reason why are soldiers are currently dispatched in Iraq.

1 point

i agree with the first person... if they have a criminal record then yes probably and that depends on how bad of a record they have

1 point

Of course it does! to be honest if i were to see a person wearing torn up clothes the first thing that would come to mind is that this person is probably poor and cant afford the same type or even new clothes to wear. But even though a person would dress like that it doesnt nesscerarily means that they are poor. its been brought to my attention that some people make a living to dress poorly and walk around and beg in money but they actually have a decent place to live. Now back to the topic at hand, yes a person's clothes can tell you about someone as a person but it can also be just pretend

1 point

I give a absolute NO. The government shouldnt in anyway be allowed to have anything to do with church. First of if the government did have control and they had a problem with the certain religion they would change it to how the see fit and in that way would make the people who attend that church follow the governments rule and i agree with matthewj that it would be considered as brainwashing

1 point

i agree with manuella, to put it simply... if it doesnt disturb anyone and its not something thats very distracting then its okay to wear it

1 point

well i dont really have any problems with piercings, to me they look somewhat cool even though I myself wont get one... but still i dont see a reason to have to wear them in school. Everyone wants to be seen in their own way and have their own style but if u need a piercing to aid you in that then theres a problem

1 point

Ill just put a simple answer for my choice. Big should protect the young or feeble. ask yourself this... would you want to be protect by a police or a security guard if there was a bank robbing the answer is simple because 1 most likely has more knowledge about experiences like that situation

1 point

lol popcorn i just want to add one thing to what you said. " if your feared you can get what ever you want " thats not true ..simply cause you can't be feared and loved at the same time

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