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RSS CollinDrewAv

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1 point

I don't think that the Iraqi government is anywhere near the necessary financial, and physical security needed to properly govern themselves. Withdrawal is not a simple matter, consider this; by withdrawing troops from Iraq, the U.S. and allies are turning their back on an unfinished project. Also, withdrawal would be wavering to the terrorist forces present in Iraq; essentially a betrayal of American principal.

1 point

Before ranting about the positive outcomes of governmental surveillence, first consider this: What exactly determines who is a "suspicious individual", and who is not? Why are you so entusiastic about catching the bad guys when you could end up in a situation where you are completely oblivious to the fact that you ARE one of the "bad guys". Also, to "secretely monitor" should be thought more of as "invading privacy." Before supporting so much governmental control, think first about what our government so frequently goes to war for: Preservation of Freedom. Why support hypocracy?; Why let the nation fall into the grips of communism or dictatorship? The youth of America has been brainwashed by "The American Way". Not everything the government does is for the better.

1 point

In my opinion, clothing is only threading that allows people to present to the world how they want to be seen, rather than how they really are. More frequently than not do I see people wearing clothing that portrays a stereotype or clique that doesn't correspond to them at all. You can call them "Posers", or "wannabe's'' or whatever you prefer, but there are more aesthetic fakes than there are legitimate people. What people wear can't always be used to judge who they are, and like the saying goes; "Don't judge a book by it's cover." In some cases, this may not be true, but the majority of people are untrue to the clothing they wear.

2 points

I think a unified church and federal government is the key to a considerably more centralized and balanced government. Furthermore, if all people practiced the same religion there would be less internal conflict within the nation. Nationwide unification by religion will inevitably lead to a stronger sense of nationalism, and, in turn, make happier citizens with a stronger love for god and country .

3 points

Piercings are an art form that should not be restricted by conventional and conservative people of power. Freedom of expression is the most frequently abused of the individual rights that students relinquish every year to their public school of choice. Distastefulness is an opinion, not a force that should be allowed to limit creativity.

1 point

... Indeed.

1 point

mmm. Environment. Important. Protect. Responsibility. But should one does more have do with?

3 points

If I were feared, everyone in the world would obey my word, and be forced to love me. No one would ever be mean to me, and no body would ever hurt my feelings. Fear is the only guarenteed way to completely control your life and the people around it.

1 point

Free tuition would completely ruin the college system. Scholarships, grants, the SAT, and other reasons that students work hard in school would lose importance due to guarenteed access to higher education. Society would become lazy and igorant because there would be no reason to challenge yourself, or prove your worth.

1 point

I like chocolate milk.


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