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RSS Michellen

Reward Points:8
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1 point

The USA should withdraw because we are wasting a lot of money by buying supplies and equipments to send over to Iraq. We are also losing people because of death and diseases. We should also withdraw because we are only seeing negative effects rather than positive effects.

1 point

The government should spy on suspicious individuals because it would stop certain crimes or find a suspect of a crime. Spying on people would keep a safer and crimelesss enviroment.

1 point

The clothing does not tell you anything about the person because their personalities and reputation are not expressed by what they are wearing. For example, a rich person does not have to dress in expansive clothing brands and a poor person does not have to dress in raggy clothes. A poor person may look raggy but their personality can be really positive even though they look the opposite of what they wear. The clothing is only the appearance and you can not judge the person by the appearance because it is just like judging the book by it's cover.

1 point

The government should not have control over the church because that is against the first amendment. Since we have freedom of religion, we are able to believe in whatever we want to. If the government controls the church then the church will probably be forced into doing tasks that are within their will.

1 point

Facial piercings should be banned because it gives younger people a negative image of the society and those who are in highschool. The piercings can lead to jealousy and conflict between their peers and others. By banning the facial piercing the parents and students will save more money and it will cause less trouble.

1 point

No, because it is the other countries' choice to protect the enviroment or not. Forcing others will only leave a bad reputation and the other country might do the opposite of what they are suppose to do because they are being forced to do something.

1 point

It is better to be loved because more people will care about you and have more sensitive feelings towards you. Being feared will cause you to have anxious and paranoid feelings because of the situation you might be experiencing. Many people get marry because they love their mate and not fear them. Being feared may cause other people to think that you are a weak one and the one who can be bullied. It does not encourages you to be more social and outgoing if you are being feared by others.

1 point

Yes! There are many people in the world that cannot afford college and it would give others a chance to attempt college and their goals. If the goverment can provide the free college then the future will be more successful and give others less stress about scholarships and loans.

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